Getting started with MongoDB

Recently MongoDB was featured as one of the 2017 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies and I was not surprised at all! It was a very well deserved spot. MongoDB, as the team claims, is for Giant Ideas... and I just want to add that it is not JUST for the Giant ones ;-) It is suitable for a variety of projects and it is very simple to learn and manage. There are companies who provide MongoDB platform as DBaaS (DataBase as a Service) and it makes your DB management even simpler.

MONGO is a play on the word Humongous: /hjuːˈmʌŋɡəs/ - adjective - Huge; Enormous

If you want to learn MongoDB, here are a few easy ways to get up to speed quickly:

1. MongoDB University

The MongoDB University is my personal favorite. You can build your schedule and learn at your own pace. I loved the trainers and the presentations. It was not like a typical PowerPoint presentation that puts many to sleep. You can dedicate a few hours for a few weeks and end up with decent knowledge for FREE! The only investment you make is your time.

2. Official Documentation

MongoDB's manual is one of the better-written ones. When I am in doubt, more often than not, this is my first destination and I am rarely disappointed. The docs are crisply written, well structured and very practical.

3. PluralSight course on MongoDB

PluralSight has quite a few courses on MongoDB. I liked the ones authored by Nuri Halperin. A grand total of around 12 hours and you will feel like an expert. Nuri actually covers a lot of ground! PluralSight has a great library and worth every penny. They provide a FREE 10-day trial too.

4. Books on MongoDB

One of the better books available is: <a href=>

5. A Quick Overview

If you are looking for a quick overview of the commands, you can read this article too, and in case you want to set up MongoDB in AWS check this out.

6. Communities

Happy Learning!

What next?

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