Device Inventory

Why track your Hardware Software Inventory?

Inventory is a record of all the essential information related to the hardware and software within your IT environment. It helps you stay on top of all the physical and virtual components in your network, along with their license keys, expiration dates, IP addresses, serial numbers, date of installation, and more.

Hardware Inventory also helps you plan smooth upgrade of all the expired and about to expire hardware, also keeping a track of which user has access to what type of hardware.

On the other hand, Software Inventory can give you a peek in what kind of applications are installed across all devices which can help you plan a block/allow list of software in your endpoints.

What do we offer?

Microsoft offers detailed Software and Hardware Inventory information using multiple of its products. Attosol has immence experience in deploying Microsoft Endpoint Manager and MDE for large and medium sized infrastructures. MEM and MECM (Previously known as Intune and SCCM respectively) can give you detailed Inventory information along with vast capabilities in device management. Microsoft Defender for Endpoints (MDE) can give you detailed Inventory at the software level along with a lot of Security features at its core.