Huge Cost SAVINGS with Better Identity Management

A quick story to setup the context

Sam started a company with Peter. Sam liked OSX and Peter was used to Windows. The company grew and more members joined in. Everyone had a role to play, and the bosses didn't want to be bossy! They allowed people to use their laptops, mobiles, pads, you name it... but soon things changed. Collaboration started to happen in an ad-hoc manner and they created an Intellectual Property (IP, henceforth) they were really proud of. The bosses didn't want the IP to leak and were concerned about the current state of affairs. Not everybody was supposed to have access to everything, so the bosses decided to create a unique ID for all users and set up access appropriately.

Soon enough, they decided to go with Windows Active Directory and they introduced something called Identity! Every user had one. They mapped this ID and populated the fields like Display Name, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email, Address, and so on. It took them a while, but they did it.

The company grew even larger and they decided to purchase a SaaS solution that would help them do the payroll. Another solution was procured to manage HR related tasks appropriately. The other applications had to be initialised with the employee data. They dedicated a support staff to do just that! Then another support staff was required to keep information in sync. And then, one more IT staff was called for to fix issues that were happening due to out-of-sync information. Manual intervention was required often to get things in sync and it was $$$ being spent on non-productive work. Management was unhappy with this cost, and employees were unhappy because of issues they were now facing due to multiple systems and logins.

Does this ring a bell?

If yes, continue reading...

As you can sense, the IDENTITY quickly becomes the common denominator across the gamut of apps & services that the employees use for productive work. No wonder that the enterprises spend top $$$ in managing it. Burgeoning IT costs due to help desk calls, service desk, support engineers is typically not appreciated due to many factors. One obviously is cost, and the other more important aspect is the indirect loss due to non-productivity and bad user experience of the employee. In between these two spectrums are the bad guys who try to take advantage of these loopholes and introduce another complexity to this story, i.e. Data Protection & Security Breaches!

So, what do we do?

TL;DR Take Identity Seriously and automate as much as you can. We can help!

Long Version: Learn about a typical identity life-cycle process and how automating it can save both time & money. Let's check the manual process first. There are loads of assumptions in the scenario here, but hopefully it will bring forward the core point.

Manual Process

  • Human Resources team creates an employee record in HR system, when a new employee on-boards.
  • The HR system creates a ticket for IT Service Desk.
  • Email notifications fly out, all of which require manual action.
  • The Service Desk then...
    • Creates a user account for the user
    • Provisions an email address and a mailbox
    • Creates another user account in Line of Business App#1
    • Creates yet another user account in Line of Business App#2... and so on.
  • Since the process is manual, it takes a while depending on how responsive & timely the service desk engineers are.
  • All this while, the new employee is clueless and keeps asking folks... "What happened? My accounts ready yet?"
  • This results in poor on-boarding experience, and wastage of time and money.
  • Welcome Email with all the important links are usually needed but often missing.

Moral of the story is... service desk is an expensive cost! These chores keep them busy and you end up spending top dollars maintaining rather than innovating and taking lead in the business you are in.

Automated Process

  • HR creates an employee record
  • A magician comes in and ==synchronizes data== to all the connected line-of-business applications every 30 minutes
  • Monitors all Additions/Modifications/Deletion throughout the day and automatically makes changes per the rules you set
  • Generates a unique email address for the employee
  • Create a central employee home folder
  • Add user to Department, Division groups based on his HR record
  • Send SMS to Employee (personal phone and email address)
  • Directions to finish induction training
  • Service Desk is alerted with the employee details and tickets are created only as FYI
  • Another SMS and Email notification is shared with the user
  • Send a welcome email with all the details
  • Zero calls to the Service Desk
  • Less confusion
  • Self Service

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Basically, you can have complex workflows that mimic real life scenarios. If implemented well, you can save a lot of cost and resources can be put to better use.

How long does it take?

Well, depending on various factors it can be done in weeks or months (if you have loads of LOB applications). The good thing is, we can do it all for you so you can concentrate on your own business!

Why us?

Glad you asked! Our consultants have extensive knowledge of this niche technology. The founders of Attosol are all ex-Microsoft employees with proven track record of more than a decade. We love what we do, and we do it with agility. Our customers love us because of cost-effectiveness and swift execution of a project. We are really passionate about enterprise security! It would not only be a great opportunity for us to learn about your enterprise security, but also improve it where necessary. Give us a chance, and we will leave no stone unturned to make your security infrastructure better.

How do we engage?

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