Identity Lifecycle Management

Identity Governance helps organisations achieve a balance between productivity and security. How quickly can a person have access to resources they need when they join the organisation, and how should their access change over time due to changes to that person’s role or employment status?

Identity Lifecycle Management is the foundation for Identity Governance, and effective governance at scale requires modernising the identity lifecycle management infrastructure. Identity Lifecycle Management aims to automate and manage the entire digital identity lifecycle process.

If your organisation has invested in Azure Active Directory Premium and use SuccessFactors or Workday as the HR system, you have the necessary ingredients to begin this automation journey.

How does Azure AD automate identity lifecycle management?

Azure AD currently provides these features:

  • Users representing employees can be automatically created and updated in Azure AD and Active Directory using HR-driven provisioning
  • Users already present in Active Directory can be automatically created and maintained in Azure AD using inter-directory provisioning
  • Users can be automatically assigned to groups based on their properties, using Dynamic Groups and can, upon request, be assigned to groups, Teams, Azure AD roles, Azure resource roles, and SharePoint Online sites, using entitlement management and Privileged Identity Management
  • Updates to users can be automatically sent to more applications using app provisioning