Google Drive To Microsoft OneDrive Migration

As an enterprise, some decisions are extremely hard to make, especially when it comes to data migration. There are various challenges along the way if you ever choose to migrate all your users from Google Drive to Microsoft One Drive. Depending on the size of your organisation you can take various approaches.

Approach 1 - Download and upload your files using the Google Drive & OneDrive App

This is the easiest and probably the most simplistic path. You can ask your end-users to download all the files (or sync it locally using Google Drive app) from Google and upload it back to Microsoft OneDrive (using OneDrive app). It is the least expensive method, but has quite a few downsides:

  • Permissions are not migrated.
  • The task is delegated to the end users and is often prone to errors.
  • If the data size is huge, syncing to the local disks won't work as expected.
  • Cutover from Google to Microsoft is challenging since there is very little visibility around data migration.

Approach 2 - Download and upload your files manually

It is quite difficult to do, but is the only way out if your users are working on Linux desktops, since neither Google Drive nor Microsoft OneDrive provide native apps for Linux. Downloading is a huge pain and extremely error prone if you have massive amounts of data. Hence, this approach is not recommended, unless the data you are dealing with is of very low priority or very less in volume.

Approach 3 - Using 3rd Party Apps, Tools or Scripts

There are quite a few tools available which do a stellar job of migrating data from Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive. It has various benefits.

  • No user intervention is required since it is done by the tools in the backend.
  • Permissions are migrated too (if the tool supports it).
  • Time taken is much less since the tools do it 24x7.

There are a few downsides too in this approach:

  • The tools usually cost per seat.
  • Most of the tools can be used only once per user.
  • Majority of the tools are costly.
  • There are quite a few challenges if you use custom scripts due to throttling by the providers.

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