Alerts provide contextual feedback about the content and improve readability if used well. It also helps in reinforcing important points that you want to highlight.

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{{< alert
heading="Any text"
heading-prefix="Any text"
margin="Top, right, bottom, left property in px,em,rem or %. Ex. 15px, 0, 15px, 0 would imply 15px top, 0px right, and so on." >}}

The actual message goes here

{{< /alert >}}


error: Something went wrong

This is the worst error message a server could throw!

tip: Useful tips are nice A tip is a small but useful piece of practical advice.
warning: Warning

Most users skim content while reading. A gentle warning is good if you think they can hurt themselves by skimming content.

info: Do you know?

A generic information can be useful to highlight a point you want to make.

note: Things worth remembering

A note is a useful information that is worth remembering.