Web Solutions

  • Insta Web

    Setting up a website is not as complicated as you might think. We can find the perfect solution based on your requirements and get you started instantly. You will get a website that looks absolutely stunning!

    This package is very suitable for portfolio sites and businesses with a low budget. Starts as low as ₹299/- per month.

    Web Plus

    The demand from your website grows along with your business and brand. Often, a static website is not engaging enough and you need fresh content, product updates, social media management and so on.

    In this package, we build your website according to your needs by using an existing platform. This ensures massive cost reduction and decreases the engineering time. Our dedicated engineers host the website on the most suitable hardware in the cloud. Our designers and content creation will team happily create quality content for you at a pre-negotiated price.

  • Web Premium

    Sometimes, the vision is so big... that the existing platforms just don't cut it and a new solution is sought. Our team comprises of engineers, who have been coding and architecting for more than a decade! They are cloud experts who love solving technical problems and challenges using the right tools.

    One such solution that is completely home grown is Attotags. If you are looking for a team who is passionate about developing amazing software in a cost-effective & agile manner, contact us with details for a quotation.

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