Health Checks

  • IIS Health Check

    IIS Server is a flexible, secure and easily manageable Web Server for hosting anything on the Internet. From hosting static files to complex web applications to streaming... it can do it all. But, are you managing it well? Or are you getting complaints regarding random slowness, crashes, session loss, memory leaks, and so on?

    We can help you achieve more with your IIS web servers leading to huge cost savings:

    • Baseline your servers to find out optimum load per server.
    • Performance analysis of production web servers.
    • Security analysis for your web applications.
    • Detailed IIS Log analysis to dig out issues.
    • Event Log analysis.
    • Memory dump analysis of production servers to dig out issues that do not usually surface during testing.
    • FREE Software to automate analysis of IIS W3C Logs & Event Logs.
    • Knowledge transfer to System Administrators.
    Contact us for quotation.

    Project Duration: 1 - 3 weeks

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