Enterprise Mobility Suite

Enterprise Mobility Suite from Microsoft, is a combination of multiple products/solutions that come together to provide Identity & Access Management, Device Management and Data protection for the new age mobile workforce. By using EMS, enterprises can easily keep the employees productive on their favorite apps and devices and protect company data.

Why Should You Invest?

  • A Comprehensive suite with no parallel across the industry.
  • Has evolved from established infrastructure products like AD, SCCM & ADRMS.
  • Manage users and devices using policies.
  • Develop a BYOD strategy with confidence.
  • Addresses all the pillars of defense-in-depth.

What We Offer

  • End-to-end Implementation of EMS: An end-to-end implementation of EMS will typically include Azure AD Premium, Microsoft Intune and Azure Rights Management. We can help with all of these and more and help you kick start your BYOD and cloud journey.
  • Improvement of an existing EMS deployment: Looking to make additions or changes to the existing EMS deployment? We can help!

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