Create a webinar registration page for Ghost Blogging platform

Webinars are a great way to engage with your audience. Your blog can be a good way to tell your audience that you are hosting one. If you follow our blog, most likely you would have noticed Ghost Customization Basics where you learned about the core mantra of Ghost customization, which is FIND > EMBED > ENJOY.

In this post, you will learn how to create a form and embed it in a Ghost blog in simple steps.

Step 1: Create a Google Form

  • Go to Google Forms.
  • Select a template using the Template Gallery or click on the Blank template if you want to start from scratch. Form Template
  • Add as many questions as you like. Remember, less is more! No one likes to fill elaborate forms. Cretae a new question
  • You can delete a question or make it mandatory. make required
  • You can also change the question type. Pick based on your needs. change type of question
  • Design the form as per your needs. It is extremely simple and intuitive. Refer to Google Form Documentation if required.
  • Once done, click on Send and get the Embed code. Click on the Copy button and you are good to go. Embed Code

Step 2: Create a post

  • This part is simple. Just create a new post in Ghost (or any other web platform for that matter).

Step 3: Embed

  • Paste the copied code and you are done!


Creating a Google form is easy. Create one and embed the code in your Ghost blog. It is an extremely simple exercise and works like a charm. It enables you to collate all responses at one place and export them to a CSV file which can be easily imported in your other applications.

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