Why you must Implement Azure ATP or Azure ATA to protect your On-Premise Environment

With the exponential growth in adopting cloud solutions, we all are trying to make Identity and access management as secure as possible. BUT, are you ignoring the security of On-Prem Environment in the urge of cloud Adoption? Azure Advanced Threat Analytics OR Azure Advanced Threat Protection, are the services which you must deploy to prevent security breach for your enterprise. It doesn’t really matter which cloud solution provider you are using for Identity management... as most of them offer scalable and robust solutions. However, losing security focus may damage the backbone of the entire Enterprise (On-Premise Environment). We all know from the best of our experiences and knowledge, attackers will always try to gain access to on-prem directory services, so that they can get a hold of all the resources and they can enter a stage called Domain Dominance. Based on behavioural analytics of typical attackers, all they need is to compromise one single Identity (more) »